Lovely to see you here...

Lovely to see you here...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Almost at the end...

School holidays that is - been so much fun Tomorrow being Monday here in Australia is the last day of school holidays before the christmas break for this household as we are in a Private school we get one more day...nice! For the first time ever our eldest Princess doesn't want to go back to school as mum has made this holidays full on! Mostly we have been at The Rink well everyday except Saturdays we have been at the Rollerskating Rink mainly general sessions and then private classes...Oh my she is getting so good considering last holidays she couldn't stay up for more than 5mins then fall over. Now she only falls when trying out a new trick!!!!

 I have been enjoying it too as I have lost 1.2kg just from one week of being on my skates for 2hrs per day. Our littlest Princess was on skates today for the third time and we pushed to make through 3hrs as it is the last day that The Rink was open for the holidays. I am exhausted. Mind you in the midst of all this fun I finally got some pages it took alot to get some done and still working on that wedding album for the in-laws 3 pages to go I reckon and then finalise it all. Almost had enough of it. Say that with a smile on my face.

 Anyway here are the pages that I completed over the last 2 weeks...Yes it took that long been doing way too much other fun stuff!!!! First up for the White With 1 Blog is my layout using the challenge criteria of White + Yellow + Stars. Thus I came up with this Layout of our two beautiful girls when the baby was just four months old! I didn't like this layout to start with but really like how it turned out - the light coloured stars are made from Texture Paint so something a little different on my Layout.
The next page completed was made especially for the 123 Challenge site with the criteria being; Word: Miss. Colour: School Bus Yellow. Technique: Use Paper Strips. I think I managed this criteria...using Heidi Swapp colour magic paper and banners - I Love Heidi Swapp she always makes me think in a different way. Banners galour I have been using they just add another dimension/element that can really suit!
Lastly for this upload is a page I was working on a few weeks ago that I wasn't happy with as it really isn't my normal style. But it is complete non the less when our littlest Princess was three months old - so okay the journalling isn't on the 3 months round journalling spot but I am still thinking on this one as she loved to watch her mobile and I want to portray that we loved to watch her.
Until I post the rest of the layouts that I have started within these two weeks for challenge site's I hope that you have a wonderful time with your loved ones and your crafting...remember to get that camera out and take photos of everyday life!!!