Lovely to see you here...

Lovely to see you here...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wow I tell Ya!!!

Considering it is a long weekend here we really have no plans although we have been on a long walk this afternoon with the girls and been to two parks where they both delighted in playing with mummy and daddy! Suffice to say I did over 18 kilometers today in total including cleaning the house this morning...

I have a problem though a lovely problem although will be expensive in the long run - I have lost 11 kilos of myself along the way (WOW I Tell YA!) To think I was carrying that much extra and do I feel good... I can walk further now without puffing and playing with my girls it is brilliant.

Anyhow I thought I would share these cards that Princess Samantha has made her ideas astound me! All stamps on the following cards are The Stamps of Life I love all these stamps and you can become a member and recieve them cheaper - Yes they will post international!!!!!!

These cards are for her classmates at school;
She stamped this first one all by herself and I taught her to use the Grand Calibur machine so that she can use all the Spellbinders that I own.
Here is her second card - she cut all the shapes etc I just tied the bow.
The next weekend we got really busy!!!!
I taught her to use the cuttlebug as well so that she could get some dimension.
She did all the stamping!
Now I was playing about with my Copic Sketch pens and then she stuck it all down and I tied the ribbon...
Simple but easy - I had to stamp this one...
Used the idea to make a shaker card from Little Scrapbook Shop in the step by step and techniques section to come up with this - did she have fun with this technical little beauty. I just purchased this stamp set from The Stamps of Life and this snowman and globe are so cute!!!! Samantha put the ribbon on the card and I tied the knot!
I was playing around showing her how to make a very easy chrismas tree - we used the star from The Stamps of Life where I showed her how to emboss - did she love that! Then she came up with the idea of the ribbons for trimming - now how simple is this?

Okay this one is mine that she will still use - I found some instructions in spotlight from Martha Stewart to make this flower althought it is really BIG in depth to go in an envelope we will have to make one to fit it! I love how it has turned out... Took alot of time to make so a little fiddly but looks good!

I will share more when I take some photos she has 25 cards in total to make for school mates then more for her teachers plus we have to do family cards and make presents too! She has about 16 completed in total... Will share more sunday hopefully!

So until next time enjoy creating with your loved ones no matter how big or small the project may be.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quite on the Western Front...

Well I haven't blogged for a little while as I have taken a small break from scrapbooking...School holidays were full on here with our eldest daughter completing swimming lessons everyday and passing the stage as well...So proud of her she was one of only a few children who did pass this stage. Now that school has returned for the last quarter I may just start to scrap again - mind you I never stop thinking about scrapbooking - lol there are always ideas flowing through my brain somewhere.

Whilst having my break from scrapping itself I have been scouring youtube for handmade flowers and I can't believe what I am finding that doesn't require having a pile of tools - I am so loving that... Plus I have been shopping for different items today I bought some fiskars punches 1" round and 1.25" scallop round - never had a punch before so may as well give it a go now.

Anyhow thought I would let you know I haven't fallen of the face of the earth - it just happens to be quite on the Western Front and the brain is taking a break from all the storms that wreak havock up there.

So until the creation flows again see you soon.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Well last night I had the fright of my life, my mum was having a bath after late shift at work before going to bed at about 12:45pm when I heard a loud "BANG" like a gun shot going off down the hallway. Talk about jumping out of bed and running down the hallway to here my mum say "What Huh What happened to that?" I get to the bathroom doorway to see glass shards under the door outside into the hallway and a good meter away from the doorway... Slightly opening the door to find a huge pile of glass!!!!

The shower door in the main bathroom had just shattered an fell to the ground with a large "BANG". There was glass everywhere in the shower and all along the floor - Thank the Lord mum wasn't having a shower and non entered the bath either. So one hour and two buckets of glass later the shower, bathroom and hallway were spotless - all in the house finally getting back to sleep.

Can you tell it was a bit of a shock! Never heard of this happening before though.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Last of my Sketch layouts...

Well here it is I am finished the Sketches for the Month of September at Scrapbooking from Scratch it may be late but at least it is complete... I have the personality that I should never complete anything and shouldn't hold interest in a craft plus be messy!!! HA that is so not me so I don't understand that I always complete what I am doing and I am not messy... Anyhow All 30 layouts are done now time for a small break from scrapbooking for awhile whilst I regain focus and then start afresh.
Sketch 26 - the one I needed to catch up on;
Here is my layout - but I still think it needs a heading....working on that.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

12 weeks till Christmas Morning!!!

Oh wow I can't believe the time is just flying till Christmas is once more upon us...I have our childrens gifts sorted but nothing else done for the family, plus I haven't even started my christmas cards for the year, it just feels like it is flying by. Good luck with your preparations for this year and remembering Christ's birth this christmas morn.

Onto a different subject - I have completed two more of the sketch pages over at Scrapbooking from Scratch where a competition has been running for the month of September! It isn't to late to join and catch up!

Here is my last lo no.30 which I completed last night!
I really love this girly layout of my smallest little girl - these were her 6 months photos at Pixie Photos. Thickers for those who are interested are Glass Slipper - I really love these full of glitter!

This was the last sketch that I based my lo on;

Now to play catch up!!!!
Sketch 20 I had to finally complete;
And here is my take on the sketch - something just a little different!

I have one last layout to start and complete and I will get to that today... So until later when I post again have a lovely day and find some time to get creative!

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