Lovely to see you here...

Lovely to see you here...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back to Yesteryear

A few more of the layouts that I did over the past couple of years, these are some of my favourites

A couple from last year and our newest addition to our family

I hope this inspires you to find some time to scrap!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

2 Posts in one Day???

I wanted to share my Copic Kenny K pages that I completed late last night in front of the TV... I am not as good as the people who have been trained to use these or those who have had time to learn - I have never been to a class on colour or Copics but I am happy with the outcome of what I achieved even if it was really my second only good play with my copic markers - okay so you can see lines and I need to play with the blending etc but I am happy so far it's all about the practice.

These are from Kenny K Downloads and I really enjoy all his prints these are all I own so far though.

Untill next time.

Blast from the Past...2009...

I said I would show you some past work over the next month...well here is some layouts that I completed in 2009 which feels like it was only yesterday! Where is the time flying???

The photos below were taken on the same day at the same place by three different husband took the first, I took the next and my hubbies best mate took the last...

Hope you find some inspiration from these layouts and find some precious time to scrap!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last nights layouts...

Well since all the house cleaning is done and the washing machine is still working I have time to show you the layouts that I complete late last night including the double layout...

This double layout I had been struggling with for ages... when it comes to scrapbooking my style is simple (but stunning - well hopefully lol). I had to play with this but the end result is okay.

This layout of Father and Daughter holds one of my favourite photos that I took of these two on holidays in Canberra... I had been working on this one for awhile and came up with this after having to use a sketch for HELP!

The one I started on last night - sometimes you just need that helping hand to figure out what is wrong plus a warm cuppa to see it through. My mum chose the ribbon and I was underway - all the other ribbons I own didn't look right. I can't believe she was this small 12 months ago!

I hope you liked and find some inspiration to scrap some this week. I will share more layouts over the next month even older ones that I have done that I love...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

In the Scrap Room!!!

Okay it looks like cyclone Pamela has made a huge mess and a bomb has exploded!!! lol... It has taken me so much time to do a Double layout (Argh)... Between everyone in the house being sick it has been a rather tough day. So now I sit here contemplating doing another page or two but you know when you feel so low and nothing seems to gel it makes it so hard...

Anyhow I shall share tomorrow when I take photos of all that I have done.

Till then.