Lovely to see you here...

Lovely to see you here...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bout time too!

Well I have been busy Busy BUSY!!!!  
In between Skating, school holidays and our work I have found time to create but I had so many items on the go at once it was insane 15 and more in my head so it about time to share some that have been finished...

I joined this on Facebook;
Creative Pay It Forward 2013! I promise to make something handmade/homemade to the first five people who comment on this post. You must then repost this as your status and make something for the first five people who comment on your status. The rules are that it has to be homemade or handmade by you, and they must receive it before the end of 2013. It can be as easy as making a friend a cup of coffee. Who's in?
Five wonderful woman commented and I had a brilliant idea to create these thanks to Heidi Swapp!  I am her Biggest fan so I couldn't wait to get it going...  

So these are what I made;

I have fallen in Love with mini file folders - how cute are they I had so much fun!!!

 Then these little beauties...

Just so happy that I could make these for such wonderful ladies all over Australia... Posted off and so far from what I have heard they love them so I am happy!!!

Over at scrapgoodies you will find lots of but on the corresponding facebook site there was this sketch;
I couldn't help it I saw a windmill...what can I say Farm Kid!!!
You can't tell but the fins on my windmill has every second one raised with double sided foam.  I even used my copic markers to make it look a bit older.  When you look at this page I am not quite sure that I am actually finished I keep tossing it about so I am pretty that I will be adding to it.

Once I get back on track and back into our normal routine when school goes back I will be able to finish all the other creations and be able to share most.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A new Day A new Addition...

What a change a few hours can actually make...

Today 17th of January we added a new addition to this house, I only made the decision last night once messaging a young lady over an add for hand raised baby cockatiels, this morning 15 minutes from home I picked out a beautiful baby boy who is 9 weeks old. A bright yellow boy that looks like and reminds me of our stunning girl TC who died at the age of 12 not long ago now. I miss her dearly - and even looking at him I remember her - she was our baby, before we had our two daughters she became part of our lives and even travelled all the way from one side of Australia to the other to live. The night she died I couldn't bear to look at her cage or even clean it. My mum did it for me. It was like I lost a child my heart broke and even now I have a few tears - how can one love an animal so much...? Well I am a dreamer and I love all animals!  When I fall in Love I fall hard in every aspect of my life this is true.

This is our little boy...
Day one done, tomorrow will be a big day for this little man - when I see if he fits into or even likes his lead. I wonder if our kittens and Clancey are going to get on when those kittens arrive!

For now Cherish the small things cause you don't know when one day they will be the Big things!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I had chosen a word for the year back on New Years Day and whilst I was wanting to post many photos of creations I have made I cannot do so at the moment as they are all gifts or unfinished OTP's and Layouts which is starting to fester on my nerves a little. The gifts once posted to there new homes and recieved, I will then be able to show. The others well...I just have to pull out my stash from the storage cupboard and make one heck of a mess over a full weekend when we are not going anywhere or doing anything then I can finish and share!!!

So on that note my word for the year is "Positive!". I will see the positive in everything even if it destined to kill me there is still something in it to make me happy. Throw out the negative even if that means people in my life who do or have treated me badly... I want a Positive, Happy home where Family comes first under God who holds us. He will win against it ALL!!! So Positive it is no matter what is thrown my way!!!!!!!! Bring On 2013 it has got to be WAY BETTER than 2012!!!!!

Now on saying that the positive in this situation is that I have many items for family and friends even friends I have never met so it makes me happy and that was the aim of my word!

I will leave you with some photos of our new babies to be part of this house...can't wait to scrap our newest family members.!
My Royal little Princess - just have to find a name for her now. She is a Blue Pointed Tonkinese so pretty and here she was only a few weeks old. She has to fly to us from Qld so she will start her life with us clocking up some frequent flyer miles.
This is my little princess watching her brother a Chocolate Pointed Tonkinese who is also coming to this house. Their fathers name is Rascal so this will be double trouble!!!!
I don't think he likes camera's so I don't know how he is going to handle my camera in his!!!

 I will be sharing layouts & OTP's as soon as possible - I am just really excited over the new products of Heidi Swapp's from CHA...Plus Pink Paislee and a few others...Nice - Droooooling.

Chowsy for nowsy!