Lovely to see you here...

Lovely to see you here...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I have been on my second scrapping retreat!!!!

Oh wow did I learn alot on this retreat!!! I had a huge space to scrap in and I just went for it... Took way too much with me but that is what happens when I am still learning what to take, but then again if I didn't take it would you believe that would be the first thing that I need!!! I had the time of my life sleeping dormitory style like in my school days, dealing with millipeads yik! Plus meeting lots of new friends. Can't wait to attend this retreat again over the course of the coming year as it is rather close to home no flying this time unless low flying is involved...hahaha...

I completed nine layouts over the two days which for me is a lot as I normally am lucky to get three done here at home but then again those two days were no interruptions from the little ones in this house!

The first layout I completed at retreat...this page was for a challenge of spritz and sparkle - well isn't that just me??? I used PinkPaislee Mist.a.bles papers and hit is with three dylysion inks then I used a Heidi Swapp banner and title Sparkle and Shine using the same dylusion inks. Also three flowers inked too plus added bling and a Heidi Swapp sparkle heart and my page is complete. Will add journaling later.

The second layout that I created pretty quickly - photo taken last christmas - it is special when as a family we can decorate the tree together. I painted the background with Luminarte paints and used my spellbinders to frame the photo.

And lastly this one was completed for the White With One challenge site... The challenge was White with Greens + Chevron... I found the biggest chevron which was Heidi Swapp Resist paper and spritz it!! Used my new Whimsy Farm Twine, and I also changed the colour of the white Tin embellishment in the top left corner with copies. Honestly I got bogged down on the layout and literally threw it aside over night. When i got up the next morning looked at the layout that I had literally chucked aside I was happy where everything was sitting so stuck it down!

So until our crazy week slows down and I can find my desk under all the skating costumes and scrap crap that I threw on there from retreat, I can create some more and finish off projects to show you! 

Have a lovely week and find the positive in everyday and tell those you love That you Love them!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Me Quite - HA!!

Okay yes I have been quite on here but not at my scrapping mess and I have ideas galore. Four projects on the go and six more in my head - I hate that as I can't focus on one. Went to bed last night with a migraine which really didn't help me at all but I am up this morning looking at the last page in the wedding album for the in-laws...I was going to take photos today of all the pages once complete but YUK weather it has even beaten the husband on a Sunday who is building a deck for clients.

Anyway I thought I would show you my lovely stash from the states which arrived on the 22nd of October... Still haven't touched some of it but the ideas are there and one thing is really scaring me with the thought of using it. So here it is;
This huge heavy box was delivered Woohoo!!!! Forgot the dimensions and also the weight was about 17kg about 38pound... Excited you betcha!!!! This is what came in the box...
There is a huge amount here from PeachyCheap and from The Craft Channel!!! Plus other stores. I got myself a Bind it All next I am looking at a Cinch. Plus I got so much paper I haven't had a chance to touch any of this really since working on the wedding album but as soon as that is finished woohoo I am into it. Lots of Heidi Swapp stuff but my color shine didn't come as I forgot to pay for it - but with hurricane Sandy that effected everyone in the states, it is going to be slow in coming but hey better late then never!!!! The thing that is scarying me the most is the Inkadinkado stamping gear - I will be okay once I break it out of it's packet and play but until then I just look at it!!! I seem to do that with everything I buy I just look for awhile before I take to it - I have never met anyone else like this I just love to look at it...

Anyway going back to my scrapping happiness and cleaning up my desk as I am organising for the coming week where there is no breathing time for me it is so full on with a Scrapbook retreat at the end of the week!!! I am not looking forward to this I think I am too busy to the lead up to it. I haven't even organised a thing for it and I need to pack what I am doing... Looking at taking photos in albums, paper and stuff and see what takes my fancy when I get there. Don't have time to think before hand!!!!

Have a lovely week until I post pics of OTP's (yes OTP's!!!) and Pages!!! Hugs to All!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Almost at the end...

School holidays that is - been so much fun Tomorrow being Monday here in Australia is the last day of school holidays before the christmas break for this household as we are in a Private school we get one more day...nice! For the first time ever our eldest Princess doesn't want to go back to school as mum has made this holidays full on! Mostly we have been at The Rink well everyday except Saturdays we have been at the Rollerskating Rink mainly general sessions and then private classes...Oh my she is getting so good considering last holidays she couldn't stay up for more than 5mins then fall over. Now she only falls when trying out a new trick!!!!

 I have been enjoying it too as I have lost 1.2kg just from one week of being on my skates for 2hrs per day. Our littlest Princess was on skates today for the third time and we pushed to make through 3hrs as it is the last day that The Rink was open for the holidays. I am exhausted. Mind you in the midst of all this fun I finally got some pages it took alot to get some done and still working on that wedding album for the in-laws 3 pages to go I reckon and then finalise it all. Almost had enough of it. Say that with a smile on my face.

 Anyway here are the pages that I completed over the last 2 weeks...Yes it took that long been doing way too much other fun stuff!!!! First up for the White With 1 Blog is my layout using the challenge criteria of White + Yellow + Stars. Thus I came up with this Layout of our two beautiful girls when the baby was just four months old! I didn't like this layout to start with but really like how it turned out - the light coloured stars are made from Texture Paint so something a little different on my Layout.
The next page completed was made especially for the 123 Challenge site with the criteria being; Word: Miss. Colour: School Bus Yellow. Technique: Use Paper Strips. I think I managed this criteria...using Heidi Swapp colour magic paper and banners - I Love Heidi Swapp she always makes me think in a different way. Banners galour I have been using they just add another dimension/element that can really suit!
Lastly for this upload is a page I was working on a few weeks ago that I wasn't happy with as it really isn't my normal style. But it is complete non the less when our littlest Princess was three months old - so okay the journalling isn't on the 3 months round journalling spot but I am still thinking on this one as she loved to watch her mobile and I want to portray that we loved to watch her.
Until I post the rest of the layouts that I have started within these two weeks for challenge site's I hope that you have a wonderful time with your loved ones and your crafting...remember to get that camera out and take photos of everyday life!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sometimes it doesn't work...

Well I have been sick for the past week, started on layouts then couldn't complete because I was just so sick and tired!  I would come out to my table in our lounge room and wistfully look at my unfinished layouts moving one thing or adding something just sitting it on and then usually going back to bed.  I spent one full day on the bed not getting off and where was my mind - on scrapbooking as usual!!!  I think somedays it's all I think about - seeing cars drive past "Oh what a colour combination!" Sad but true.

Well I started with a layout that I was pushing to finish before I got really sick for the Scrapbook Boutique, the challenge - Button, buttons and more buttons - include buttons.  Well considering I am not a person who likes to go over the top this is a lot of buttons on a layout for me!!!

So I used a photo I had previously completed on a page but didn't like the overall effect so I pulled it apart and started again!  Used my Dylusion sprays and added buttons!!!!  I love this better than what it looked like before.

I had almost finished this one but then this was the night I became sick - so it just sat on the table... SFS had this challenge for this month of Blue, Yellow & Black so I came up with this page.  The Water Wheel in Augusta is one unbelievable thing when it was made back in the day.  Spent a few hours here on the beach even though it was getting rather cold.

Finally for SFS I completed this page - the challenge was the quote " Life is better when you're laughing"  I couldn't fit it all in so shortened it to work with my photo.  Plus added even when you are tired.  I have a journalling chipboard tag under the photo with the butterfly dangling from the chain.  

Anyway that is it for me at the moment I am working on a layout as I am typing this but I am not happy with it - one of those pages that just isn't really working - there isn't much I can do about it except move it around and play about... another challenge but based on a sketch this time, may have to throw the sketch out the window and just go for it!

This weekend coming is a long weekend so armed with my camera we are on a 4wd trip up past Perth to see what mischief we can get into and how many times we can get bogged in sand - I hate Sand!!!!!   So I shall sign off for now have a wonderful time no matter what comes.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I forgot about...

Well would you believe been home for over three weeks and already I forgot that I had other layouts completed... I packed them away when I went through the stash of scrap crap that I bought home!!!

So here they are;

A me page to be completed...  

Hubby took this photo of me the arvo before leaving for the retreat for this challenge,  used some Lost & Found paper, used the name as my heading cause I once was lost now am finding myself as I am currently doing 12wbt (12 week body transformation) with a lot of people here in South West WA including my man and people all over australia.  Heaps of journalling now that is a first for me.

Next was a family page...
 We were given a pack of chipboard people and pets made specifically for us by Words or Whatever (WOW) so I used the two little girls.  Nothing over the top and I have to journal on it yet - Photo taken in a wonderful Park great for kids in Perth.

That is all from me till next time which will be soon... Have a lovely weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Creative Cyclone Overload...

Oh I just love it when the mind is on full speed and the creative cyclone is just belting out pages and OTP projects - ARGH I just LOVE IT!!!!!  So does hubby as I am in overdrive - mind you I can't stand the mess... I have had five projects on the go - which has really blown my mind into segments as I keep thinking on each one and developing each as I go.

Today I want to share two projects with you that have been completed since retreat but both started at retreat - I just had to get home and grab the perfect embellishments and papers to compliment both items.

Firstly - Lisa Oxley You are one talented Lady and thanks to your class I completed my FIRST EVER canvas.  I used the wording from our wedding 11 years ago - Hubby really loves this and it will find a home on our wall somewhere...  The background which is texture paint I wrote over that with a Artline 990XF Silver Metallic Ink to make it really stand out!

The last class for the weekend that I couldn't finish till I came home and found the right papers and a 12x12 thick cardboard backing.  Hubby is really excited over this one and truly Loves this - he has ideas swirling through his head now!  "No Darryn it won't work I don't have enough time...." LOL he is going to keep me busy after seeing this... 

Darryn is thinking of framing this and putting a glass overtop as I wanted to use a thin clear see through plastic sheeting but it really dulled the photo.  Looks flat hey?? 

Definatley is not flat a lot of Magic mount used under there...

Thought I would share from this morning.  I am thinking this is brilliant payback from when I have Mikayla under foot so to speak, she is really in daddy's road here as he is building storage cupboards for Samantha's room first then some for her room.  I had the choice my scrapbooking cupboards or the girls cupboards for inside their built in wardrobes.  They need it more than me, although if you could see our loungeroom you would be like hubby and disagree... I don't work well in chaos! 

Darryn is trying to get things straight and she thinks if Daddy can be up there so can she - 2yr old little copy cat of ours.

This next photo I love she has been aiming for that tape measure all morning Darryn kept moving it so she couldn't get it - Well she has it!!!  I am going to enjoy scrapbooking these once I get through the stream in front of me.

Christmas is just around the corner and I will be getting into OTP's for Christmas, but before then I will be finishing the album for my mother-in-law.  I was going to show you some layouts which I still shall do after I show her the finished album so you will have to wait a little longer... Something to look forward too!!!

I hope you find the time in everyday to cherish the ones you love, to lift them up and spend time with them that they may look back on in years to come as special.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


It is SO cold here this morning my fingers are frozen, my legs have the cold running up them and it is Spring, okay winter it is time you officially left and crawled around to the otherside of the globe so they can have a little snow. Suppose to be Spring...ha feels like winter... What makes this morning even better (sarcasm) our eldest daughter has a cold during swimming lessons - so no swimming for her today, she just cried and cried but I don't want her any sicker, poor darl she loves the water.

Anyway today I have two layouts to share  with you one I had to re-do from my Retreat that I went on near Sydney (NSW Australia) this was one of our challenges a party page.  Not a problem done and completed then I put it up on a cold concrete/block wall where overnight the cold buckled the glue and ruined the photo.  Another photo printed page pulled apart and redone.  Happier with it now then before.  Our eldest daughters 8th Birthday.

This next page is one I put together last night for my Father & Mother in-law as stated in an earlier post back in May I was asked to do their wedding album and it has been a struggle.  I am happy to create this album but I am not good with older photos so I am really out of my depth - but I know my in-laws will love whatever I do but I want it to be I suppose we all do when we start a page.    As of last night 17 pages done but not all complete and I have roughly 14 pages to go maybe a couple more.
I stamped the background and made my own doilies with Cherry Lyn Designs  DL101 English Tea Party then I glimmermisted big time.  I also re-coloured my white thickers with a silver marker and kindy glitz them.  My father in-law can write on this his calligraphy writing is gorgeous!!!!

I will try to keep you updated on all the layouts that I will be accomplishing within the next few weeks my head is spinning with ideas but this wedding album needs finishing first then onto creating christmas presents as it is just around that corner - Never too early to start.  

For now have a lovely day and find special things throughout the day that will make you happy!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's September????

Warning: Long post - you may wanna hot drink!!!!!

I don't know where this year went...can you tell from my last post in May that the year has just gotten away.  I had a break from scrapbooking, only a couple of months and work somehow got into the road, well I do need money for more scrap stash! :-)

I have just been to my FIRST EVER retreat with Little Scrapbook Shop(LSBS) yes after 13yrs of scrapbooking I went to my first retreat outside Sydney which is a 4hr flight from Perth (in Australia). Long Long weekend after an early morning flight then a 1.5hr bus ride to the wonderful place where I stayed for the weekend (Thursday 4pm to Sunday 3pm). So peaceful below the blue mountains and 71 woman in total!!!! My motion sickness did not make my flights very nice even with three lots of medication - wow I normally take one. The hardest thing about going to this retreat was leaving my husband & our girls at home...I have never been away from my husband like this before and we have been married 11yrs. But did I enjoy hubby & child free time - you betcha I did, I kinda think I needed it and was defiantly overdue. I just scrapped, scrapped and slept (4hrs), scrapped, scrapped and slept (5hrs), no interruptions except for food breaks and chatting, although I must admit my hubby is very much involved in my scrapbooking and I get to have what I want no questions asked - he even buys more than

Let's just say that this retreat was a real learning curve and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!! I learn't SO MUCH!!!! I did all the classes even if I didn't finish which I have been working on for the last couple of nights. I think more than anything I was overwhelmed at the retreat by it all and that is why I struggled to finish items that I started. Since I have been to my first retreat I have now booked into two more already but these are driving distance from home, plus I am booked back into this one again next year - I have caught the bug!!!

The first page I completed at retreat was a 45min challenge, oh wowsers I didn't know what a 45min challenge was until someone explained to me (that I only had 45mins to complete a page) and I got cracking... I bought from the LSBS these beautiful Ranger Dylusions sprays 12 different colours in total and my word do they stand out!!!! I love these better than Glimmermist for colour. They do not have the sparkle that Glimmermist do but they are bright and that is me all over.

So here is the 45min challenge completed page - would you believe I got 3rd!!! That blew me away...

There were plenty of challenges at this retreat and I tried to complete them all but I needed less sleep and more time to do so!!!  
We had to complete a Christmas page (The photo was not to be of a child/ren sitting on Santa's knee - not a problem for us we believe in Jesus) so I used these beautiful photos from Christmas Eve last year.  Also used some packaging from behind some beautiful Prima flowers the words; love, hope & Faith.  

The last layout I will share today was a class by the Lovely Anna Painter who lives in Western Australia too, never been able to meet her until this retreat... I love this page it is so not what I would do so I was pushing my boundaries doing this.   I changed her layout to suit myself and only made the three pockets not four.  There is twine and metal embellishments which I didn't think would stay on the page - the wonders of good old Pritt Gel... This photo I took of my hubby the afternoon before I left WA. 

Now can I tell you looking at these photos all weekend didn't help me at some stages as I got a little teary wanting a cuddle or just to hear their voices - ah the love of my mobile phone to hear their voices many times over the weekend - even when my hubby was saying "Please hurry and come home!"  Two girls and they are both just like think he appreciates me even more than before.

So I will sign out, saying thank you if you have read all the way through this post, also please treasure every minute with your loved ones cause you don't know when it will be the last.  Going away makes you realise how much you do love them no matter the good or the bad!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What did I agree to do???

Yes it has been rather quite around here as we went away for three weeks for some well earned holidays to see our family. One week on the farm in Qld to see my family, up to the Sunshine Coast for just under a week to see the in-laws, a wedding in Warwick then onto Canberra for six days just because. Whilst on the Sunshine Coast I agreed to do something for my Mother-in-law Oh my!!! I have never felt so nervous and anxious and all in between!!!! My mother-in-law asked me to redo her wedding album. My In-laws were married 40 years ago on the 1st of April (April Fools Day...), besides the fact that the photos are discolouring and the album smells I am really worried that I will not do the photos justice!!! I have never scrapped a page for anyone else but myself... The fact that I have thought of not much else since I have come home from holidays says a lot. I will share as I go!! The first page that I had done I pulled apart and threw in the bin to restart!!! The second page looks so much better! So far I am completing pages with more pink and white but shall add other colours in as I go. My Mother-in-law is paying for everything that I do which is lovely as I don't have to worry about the cost which I never do for myself anyway but can work it all out per page and finalise it at the finish! Till I upload some photos I hope you get some time to scrap for yourself!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

March has almost come to a close...

I don't know where this year is going but it is definitely running away very fast - March is almost over and giving way to April... I am finding that the time is just going too fast and I suppose this is why I am finally flitting between layouts and not actually finishing any at the moment and that is rather annoying but I am dealing with it by just going with the flow...I have started four layouts and normally finish each single one before starting the next but these need just that little extra something, so I shall wait till I find what I need to complete them...

On that note though I have finished five layouts over the last few weeks and here they are;

A large photo on a page which I wanted to take centre stage and not be overloaded with distracting embellishments etc. So just a few little items on the page and the photo not straight to add just a little more interest.

This photo was taken a month later...I was playing around with my glimmer mist and some chipboard mesh and I love the look! Journalling will come a little later - decided to soften this page with lace, pearls and ribbon underneath. Stayed with two colours which just seemed to work so well for this photo.

I had so much fun with this page, one large photo and five smaller ones - arranging these was difficult to start with as I didn't know what to do but then just started and they fell into place. Our daughters show and tell was her baby sister who was just 15 days old...Daddy was there too as he had to drive mummy to and from school.

Many people just love celebrities from hollywood well we are just a little different - I try to teach our girls to look up to people who are down to earth and happy with their lives. These guys here being just that sort of people. This page I actually scrap lifted (Australian Scrapbook ideas issue 11 pg 27) but changed to suit my needs. Chipboard is from Meant to Be here in Australia - love this chipboard.

Lastly another scrap lifted page (I don't usually scrap lift but these were just what I needed to get my mojo flowing again - from Australian Scrapbook ideas issue 7 page 50). Mine is a lot simpler that is for sure.

I hope you enjoyed and can find some inspiration from the pages that I complete...Until next time enjoy your days with family and creating for that time out that you need!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthday Cards

It has been awhile since last posting we have all been sick on and off for four weeks - in that time I have managed to get two birthday cards made for our dad's... been too sick to contemplate doing anything else as I type this my ears are crackling and it is not a nice feeling. The girls and I are on antibiotics for whatever cold this happens to be.

I really want to scrapbook tonight and I have two pages in my head and eight to finalise but since vacuuming and mopping the floor I don't feel up to it, will see how I go though. Might just chose the papers and embellishments and see what takes my fancy - probably bed will call first!

Used Copic markers for colouring Fizzy Moon (the Bear)...he is just so perfect!!!

Until Next Time...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Layouts completed last night!

It is Sunday morning here in Australia, was up late last night watching NCIS on my new computer and iMac - very nice piece of gear! Plus I also finished three layouts and started on another two. Considering the week we have had it is a wonder that I was able to complete anything. Everyone in this house was extremely sick at the start of the week and we are still not 100% better but at least we are moving and eating now.

Firstly a lovely turquoise layout of Princess number one this worked out better than what I had imagined - three wallet sized photos cropped to fit into the chipboard filmstrip. The filmstrip has been embossed using Opals, also stamped the grid onto the background and used some glimmermist to for the splotches.

This next layout I played around with last night wetting my paper and allowing to dry under the air conditioner, I then inked it with two ink pads and then ironed it so it was just a little flatter. Working on photos from my husband when he was younger.

This was the first layout I completed last night - not fully finished yet but pretty much done just have to get the Mr & Mrs details and record who was in the photos when I get the information from my in-laws as yes this is my husbands parents when they were married on April 1st (April Fools day) almost 40 years ago. Chipboard works that I inked with two inks then clear embossed. Rubons in black and stickers too. All photos were originals that I had to trim down to fit as they were going discoloured around the edges of the white frame.

Hope that you enjoyed what I created! I also hope that you find sometime for yourself today.
Chow for now.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Another School week has begun,

Well Monday is here and the second week of school has commenced I am sitting here listening to Hillsong Kids so the our littlest Princess is happy but really she is about to go to bed...As of last night I found out she has four teeth coming through at once - poor little thing.

So last night I completed my challenge for White With 1 and I really love this one using the colours White with Lemon and three photos - well my photo sizing worked out rather well I think...
I used glimmermist on the page with a Stamp from Kaisercraft that I embossed over in clear. I love these photos she was trying to crawl so we knew it wasn't long before she got going.

On that note our littlest Princess is 20months how the time passes so spend time with your loved ones as it goes in the blink of an eye.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wonders will Never Cease...

It is Sunday morning and I am about to get my shoes on and go to where my hubby is currently trying to finish cladding a house. I will be putting in a full day just to help him get finished - and I hope we do! At least today is nice and cool, was working with him two weeks ago and was blacking out cause it was SO hot 40degress.

Anyway at Scrapbook Boutique I had all the intentions of joining in with this challenge of Purple, green & white, but I actually missed the deadline. I was going to make a page but it was the perfect excuse to make a card for my cousins wedding in April. I made it anyway and for a gal who doesn't make cards I was pretty impressed with this one and I like it.

I used Glimmermist to colour the Fizzy Moon - Wedding Bells teddies. White Pearl Liquid pearls for his top hat and finely painted it onto the roses in her hair and the ribbon holding onto the horseshoes. Green liquid pearls for the heart and horse shoe confettie. Horseshoes were even glimmermisted and the veil has glitter glued to it. The work Celebrate is from The Stamps of Life I love these stamps and this one saved me as I didn't know what to do!

I hope you like as much as I do it is really special to me. This card is about love...So I hope you find time to give the ones you love a kiss and cuddle.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last one...

Yup that is correct I have done my last layout for January 2012 as today is the last day of January for another 12 months. This layout has been entered into 123 Challenge where the criteria was




So here it is... I used Making memory paints specialty Glaze - silver, sky & rose petal for my background with some marbles inside a box, love the ideas that come home from school and can be used on my own layouts. I used Silver ribbon and the word Joy in Silver. This photo is of our girls on Christmas eve 2011. I just love it since we had just been to church and took some lovely photos in front of the christmas tree.

I hope you find some time to scrap as I have set myself a challenge for the year to follow my favourite challenge blogs and play along.
Happy Scrapping

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Three Layouts!!!!

January has almost finished and school has almost started hoo but I will find more time to do more layouts. On that note I completed three layouts this morning and here they are.

I am so happy with how this layout just worked and looks so special.
I used liquid pearls on the chipboard word and I love the effect! Give this a go but allow alot of time for it to dry...
This was such a funny memorable day of boogie boarding along the beach where there was a large pool of water...Awesome fun to watch.
I have just completed this page for Daring You to Scrap where the challenge was to use scrap paper to create a background. I used what I had left over ripped, wet and crumpled then inked and used for my background.
With the chipboard title I figured out years ago via an accident how to make my title like it is below, I used Luminarte paints about four different colours and before it fully dried I then used glossy accents (not the crackle one just the normal one) then put this under the aircon when it is really cold...It then really crackles and lifts the colours.
I hope you enjoyed what I have done and find some time to play.

Friday, January 27, 2012


The last weekend of January is upon us and our beautiful eldest girl is back to school on Tuesday - I really hate her being in school as we miss her so much. She loves it though and she learns so much, as long as she is happy so are we!

Anyway I have finally finished another challenge this one is for Scrap The Girls A Monochromatic layout which I did in Purple...Love that colour.

All purples I even used a fluro purple copic marker to change the thickers from white to purple that is so cool - saves so much money. The flourishes from Doodlebug - Stick with it Adhesive transfers,these are double sided adhesive shapes that you put whatever medium onto that will stick - like glitter, crushed velvet, flower soft etc. I used Martha Stewart fine glitter - I had it from one end of the house to the other I know I inhaled it and I really do think I ingested it too! There should be a warning for that

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting in Early...

I meant to share this with you last week but time has gotten away on me again as it always does and now I have a little girl that has a very high temperature and we don't know why she is still eating and drinking. Trying our best to keep her cool - aircon on, wet washer, panadol & nurophen. Poor little thing...

But anyway I didn't get all my christmas cards done this christmas so have decided to get in early and atleast do one every week or two - so far I have created 3 and yes they are me simple but they are made.

I have stamped Fizzy Moon teddy holding a sign, Kenny K stamp of the sexy gal in a santa hat and Woodland Folk stamps of the fox, log & tree. The fox is holding a present stamp from Stephanie Barnard.
Like I said simple but me - I may add some ribbon and Merry Christmas to them nearer christmas itself but aleast they are done.

I am working on lots of different things at the moment so when I get pages complete I will share! Have a lovely week nomatter what your plans are.

Friday, January 13, 2012

First Layout for 2012!!!

Here is my layout for White With 1 January's challenge is White + Lime + Buttons...
I love this photo of our eldest beautiful girl when she was little - plus it suited the colours for the challenge...

I used some glimmermist and then to tone down the colour used a baby wipe to take some of the mist away and spread it around. I also used my glue gun to make what looks like a trellis behind the flowers. Also made some different flowers by cutting them into thirds and cutting a leaf up to use as the base for them.
These flowers are the two in the middle and the one at the top of all the other flowers.
My date for this page is on the heading which I thought was the best spot!

Hope you have a great day and find time to scrap.

A new area...

Enjoy Friday for the weekend is almost here - YEAH!!!

Just sharing my new area with you my hubby built these blue cupboards for me 5years ago now and I love them. This is a photo of setting them up in the loungeroom as I did have a designated room but we had our second daughter so she now has that room... They don't look like this now I am in the process of getting them full and overflowing then will take another photo!

See it is clean...

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's the New Year!

Well it always happens to me on the school holidays I am having SO much fun with my girls that my scrapbooking gets neglected and I feel that I have nothing to post on my blog... I do want to wish you all a Safe New Year and lots of time with your family.

I am at this moment contimplating quietly joining in at The Little Scrapbook Shop and giving this a go... a photo a day for 2012 HERE no overly sure as I don't take photo's every single day and I still have so many to print from 2011 that has to be scrapped.

I am also in the process of changing all my albums over to We R Memory Keepers Leather 12x12 ring binder albums which are much more sturdier, plus organising my eldest daughters school album for years kindy to year 2 to start with plus including all the bits and peices inside.
These albums are beautiful!!!!!!!

I know I will be very busy this year with what has been planned and what will be happening and I want to spend more time with my family as our children are growing so fast - I don't want to bite off more than I can chew.

As the old saying goes we will see how we go! On that note as it is midnight here I shall say goodnight and catch you as soon as I have played with some 12x12 paper and photos...
Chow for now