Lovely to see you here...

Lovely to see you here...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Creative Cyclone Overload...

Oh I just love it when the mind is on full speed and the creative cyclone is just belting out pages and OTP projects - ARGH I just LOVE IT!!!!!  So does hubby as I am in overdrive - mind you I can't stand the mess... I have had five projects on the go - which has really blown my mind into segments as I keep thinking on each one and developing each as I go.

Today I want to share two projects with you that have been completed since retreat but both started at retreat - I just had to get home and grab the perfect embellishments and papers to compliment both items.

Firstly - Lisa Oxley You are one talented Lady and thanks to your class I completed my FIRST EVER canvas.  I used the wording from our wedding 11 years ago - Hubby really loves this and it will find a home on our wall somewhere...  The background which is texture paint I wrote over that with a Artline 990XF Silver Metallic Ink to make it really stand out!

The last class for the weekend that I couldn't finish till I came home and found the right papers and a 12x12 thick cardboard backing.  Hubby is really excited over this one and truly Loves this - he has ideas swirling through his head now!  "No Darryn it won't work I don't have enough time...." LOL he is going to keep me busy after seeing this... 

Darryn is thinking of framing this and putting a glass overtop as I wanted to use a thin clear see through plastic sheeting but it really dulled the photo.  Looks flat hey?? 

Definatley is not flat a lot of Magic mount used under there...

Thought I would share from this morning.  I am thinking this is brilliant payback from when I have Mikayla under foot so to speak, she is really in daddy's road here as he is building storage cupboards for Samantha's room first then some for her room.  I had the choice my scrapbooking cupboards or the girls cupboards for inside their built in wardrobes.  They need it more than me, although if you could see our loungeroom you would be like hubby and disagree... I don't work well in chaos! 

Darryn is trying to get things straight and she thinks if Daddy can be up there so can she - 2yr old little copy cat of ours.

This next photo I love she has been aiming for that tape measure all morning Darryn kept moving it so she couldn't get it - Well she has it!!!  I am going to enjoy scrapbooking these once I get through the stream in front of me.

Christmas is just around the corner and I will be getting into OTP's for Christmas, but before then I will be finishing the album for my mother-in-law.  I was going to show you some layouts which I still shall do after I show her the finished album so you will have to wait a little longer... Something to look forward too!!!

I hope you find the time in everyday to cherish the ones you love, to lift them up and spend time with them that they may look back on in years to come as special.

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  1. Those photos are too cute, can't wait to see them scrapped! And your retreat classes look great - I finally got mine done last weekend, will photograph & blog them when I get home next week. :)

    Rachel x