Lovely to see you here...

Lovely to see you here...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

CSI - Challenge Blog

Absolutely enjoying this challenge blog csi so decided to join in with Challenge number 106
Loving these case files so much fun
So here is my page...
I had to improvise with the colours of the arrows & the letters as I am away at the moment & didn't have the right colours with me so had to mix the best I could to get the colours I needed.  Journalling is on white round circles and I used bubble wrap stamping on my background. 
Ready to try the next challenge now.
Thankyou for coming for a sneak peak.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

ScrapFriends Challenge...

Ohhh another challenge & this may just be the last one for January...wish it wasn't as I am enjoying so very much!  But I am taking my girls up to the dairy farm for oh maybe a week and I am not taking any scrapbooking with me.  It's all about girly time with family & the last week of school holidays before we get back into it.

So here is my layout for the blog Scrapfriends - colour challenge 21
This is what I came up with in a very limited time as when I started this I didn't realise I would be taking this gorgeous child to hospital for six hours.  So was literally slapped together in about 1hr - the stickles took longer as it has to dry & I used two layers...  To me this page looks fairly plain but I love the photos being the center of attention, thats why I scrap to look at the photos anyway.
Okay so my grey isn't dark enough but I worked with what I had, I am not buying anymore paper other than white until I have run out of alot of my saying that my plain paper is only 2inches high but still I want to know what I can do with what I have.  I used Heidi Swapp mustard colorshine for the splats & Fireworks Dandelion for the yellow spritz.  I used a kaisercraft stamp with Colorbox purple ink pad, Heidi Swapp Pink Colorshine on the child board frames that had the words attached.  Plus Purple colorshine under the purple stickles.  To finish off I used some sequins to match into the colours.  Yes I love bling I don't care how it gets onto my layouts but I love it on them.  

Hope you have a lovely week & have a little time out me time plus time with your loved ones.  That's what life it about family!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Once Upon A...Sketch - Challenge taken:

I have decided to try completing some challenges this year... so far this is my second one for the year 2014!  Not bad I say considering the renovations that are taking place - like yesterday the kitchen came out & hoping we have our new one tomorrow if no hold ups, otherwise it will be next week.  A new working oven will be a delight!!!

I am in a happy mood as I finished this layout last night for Once Upon a Sketch January 2014 & it is my style to boot - all bling!!!  Anyone who knows me knows that I love Heidi Swapp especially her color shine which is how I created the background... Bling Bling!!!
I used left over matieral off my daughters leotard costume directly under the photo & hot pink mesh from her skirt on the right hand side of the photo. 
Journalling reads - (Your Lesson is learnt;  Smiling & singing during your skating routine has paid off.  You were so happy to be finished!!  Little did we know there was a first place trophy waiting for You!!)  

Even more exciting this morning was knowing that this was out at Micheals in the states from Heidi Swapp - drrroooollliiinnggg!!!! Hello Today  Oh I really really want these items..."Sigh"  

Anyway I hope you have time to play & spend with the ones you love!!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Come Investigate...?

Well I went trawling Friday on the net to find some challenge blogs...

This one CSI - Color...Stories...Inspiration  had the ideas flowing for Case No: 104 closing today - Argh!!!  I love the look of this colour pallet & didn't think I had a hope with all that was planned for the weekend but I surprised myself & finished it...

Using Paint & texture paste plus a circle template I created the background - hot pink, pale blue & that green blue colour... Plus I used Metal accents on the middle photo with lots of hot pink bling, hearts & Phrase stickers & under the middle photo is a Heidi Swap Damask colorshine background... Really pushed to get this completed with journalling involved - this talks about how it is important to have a good night sleep so as one can be productive & not frustrated with the daily school work... The middle photo was me teasing her about said school work & getting that teacher look!!! 
I was playing around with the next photo as I don't do the traditional christmas pages when I talked about that last time I blogged, so I wanted to show you what I like to do with christmas photos and my take on a christmas layout.  Lots of bling!!!!  Texture paste spills (template used again) Gold Liquid Pearls & lots of bits & pieces... Have yet to journal which will be down the bottom by the looks.
Thank you for coming to my blog - I hope that you get to create & spend time with your loved ones cause this is why we scrapbook - our love for them, memories & time!!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

So Long & Farewell to 2013

"WARNING - Long Long Post to follow... get set up & comfy...EnjoY!

Wow I don't understand where the year went - So long & farewell 2013!!!  Woohoo a new year means a new future to write...last time I was here was along time ago!!  I had been meaning to blog many times about the pages that have been created, but I have been so very busy with all the renovations, schooling and everything else that life has thrown at us.

So if you were waiting for me to blog - I apologise for the long wait but here it is!!!!  As you can tell most pages are not fully complete I need to journal yet & some need alot of info but it's cool as that is my next thing to do.

Scrappy Chat Designs  is where these awesome kits come from starting with this kit  "Catch Up"  I love the way the creator of these pages has taught me to use a piece of paper and create my own background especially with these pages.  I added pink to all these pages to give them a girly feel...

The next kit was "Playground Fun"   I stuggled with the colouring of this kit until I remembered change it up to suit me... So I did  First page is pretty much the same as instructed...

This is the one that I added lots of pink - love how it worked out thats for sure.

This kit was perfect for my hubby's photos...I struggle to complete his pics so These kits are all perfect for my hubby when I don't really change them up. "Just Look at You"...
I love this page...

This page using the kit was my creation basically it is just the one page and some added letters... Can't believe I used only the one piece of paper!!!!

After playing with that kit I decided to get messy and just use  Heidi swapp on two of my hubby's baby photos...  Just needs info & heading, awaiting my father in-law to come around and help me with the info & dates.

This next kit really pushed my comfort zone to the extreme "Our Magical Adventure" - couldn't wait to get started but the extra mediums on the background had me wondering how I would handle this - but yet again it worked for Hubby's photos and I love these!!!!

My sewing machine didn't like the thickness of this background... For this page I love my printer, as it blew up the photo from an old sqaure small pic & awful colouring to a 4x6 Black & white!!!! YeaH!!!

I made this card for my step-brothers 21st birthday - kinda had him blushing...She is holding a wrench as that is what we bought him for christmas as he kept taking dads and using it!

I can create my own background with one peice of paper and some washie tape - it worked - it worked - it's bright!!!!

Heidi Swapp is coming DownUnder!!!!!!!  "Squeal!"  Made this page for our FB Heidi Swapp group just for her coming to Australia.  

Woohoo she is here & I got to meet her & thank her,  if it wasn't for her Color Shine & papers I would have thrown all my scrapbooking into the bin!!!  Yes you read that right I would have chucked the lot.  I was getting so bored with it and started to hate having all these photos that I had to scrap and feeling in a rut!!!!  This day she had me in tears as I was going through a rough time and she hit the nail on the head & I will thank her for that day for the rest of my life!!!!

 To make this experience even better Kim Jeffress (one more amazingly talented wonderful woman) added this photo of me (& many other woman) to Heidi's Blog!!!!!!  I felt so privileged & like a celebrity...without the paparazzi thankfully!!!!  You can read all about the day here - DownUnderTour

The next kit was "Be Happy"  this one really got to me...what do I do with crayons - these are for the kids - strict instructions were "they are not for the kids" & I am thinking she has lost her marbles... 
Okay will try this!!!
Can I say I love the outcome!
Another fixed photo blown to a 5x7...
 My printer took this photo & fixed the colours & also I blew it up to a happy with my printer.
The finale product

I was so taken with the crayons I had to use my eldest daughters metallic crayons to create this page - should have seen her look at me like I had gone slightly crazy...

The last kit for this year was a traditional Merry Christmas page ...groan!!!!  Oh no... not traditional pages I just don't do that - go looking for photos and oh wow I have more than I thought I did!!!!
Okay here goes...
This one was our first christmas as a married couple!!!! My dad came to visit for christmas day - so I played with the extra pieces and came up with this I also used my Zing embossing powers on the background.
 Okay I don't mind how they turned out - okay there are pretty cool.
Lastly I made a gift for my brother for christmas - he has been such a wonderful huge help this year & I love him just because I can & there is nothing he can do about it... LOL
Just a small snap shot of the past year with us.  Kaisercraft chipboard album
 Across Australia & one of the few main roads you can lay on for over 30mins without seeing a car!!!!
First ever Skating comp & Birthday presents.
 These girls love their Uncle so Very Very Much!!!
I have been so deep in creating my first ever Daily December album with Heidi Swapp & her creative team via Instagram that life has just flown by... my album is almost finished... I have so many plans & it doesn't include moving my scraproom again for a little while... It has been moved 4 times since being in this house because of renovations.  It is in our bedroom now & will only get taken out when the new carpet comes in.  So I think I will be able to get creative in a big way once again.

Hopefully in the not too distance future I will be back with a few more things to show you that are almost complete!!!!

Welcome to 2014 and I hope you make it the most positive that you can plus spending time with the ones you love as they matter the most!!!!