Lovely to see you here...

Lovely to see you here...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Princess - Little Sister.

Ahhh all quite - been a hard few days with the little 17 month old who has her 6th tooth coming through and with it comes a temperature, grumpiness and much needed long sleep...Phew! She is having a sleep now right beside me in my bed whilst I type this up. The poor darling it is rough.

Thought I would just show you this page that I have fallen in love with - based on this sketch from Handmade by Suzanne
Here is my take on the sketch;
I used Liquid Pearls on the chipboard heading Little Sister it looks amazing up close
- ohhh gotta go she is awake and we need lunch!
Hope you like and have a great day! Spend time with your loved ones and appreciate every moment you have because you don't know when it will be the last!

Friday, November 4, 2011

We miss You!

This photo is from the Warwick Daily news;

My cousin Narelle on the left died from a snake bite Wednesday night! I am still realling from the news she left two gorgeous children behind - Emma pictured with her mum and Nick. I miss her already. Whats worse is I live on the otherside of Australia so I can't be with my family at this time for financial reasons...they all understand that but it is so hard. Plus our lives are about to change once our house sells.

You can read all about it here...
And here...

Sorry you will have to copy and paste these into your search engine to read.

Hold your loved ones close tell them that you love them - appreciate every moment as you don't know when it is your last...Until next time try to find something to smile about!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


A little late in blogging by a few days....sorry! Late mainly cause life gets in the road - and the darling eldest daughter gets stung on the toe by a Bullant and did we have problems with that...she was stung on Saturday afternoon whilst checking out a beautiful part of the south west as a family - Donnelly River...
These are wild kangaroo's (really Wallaroo's as they are smaller) and wild emus here but they are so used to humans as this is a holiday retreat with old old style houses set as accomodation. These animals come to you and love the you can see

After being stung by a Bullant - glad daddy was there he knew what to do plenty of ice to stop the burning and slow the swelling! Did her toe go up!!!! Still had problems until today she has been on adult strength antehistamine's and panadol. Yes the kangaroo is in the ice bag and below she grabbed the paddle pop stick from our daughters hands and licked it clean.
Now for the cards that have been completed more to do yet! Very simple especially for a young girl...used Merry Christmas from The Stamps of Life I love all the range that Stephanie makes...There has been a release this month already for club members which has been posted on the 1st of November everyone else gets to see the new realease on the 7th on the website...Really love it my daughters love to watch the video every month...
Cut out ribbons to make christmas tree's.

The Wreath is also from The Stamps of Life Samantha made me order this one when she saw it just for her christmas cards...
And lastly and easy card,

Until next time enjoy your week!