Lovely to see you here...

Lovely to see you here...

Monday, April 22, 2013

The News!!!!

I have been dying to tell you my news We are packing our house which is sold and we are moving in two weeks 4500km's from Bunbury Western Australia home to our families in Queensland on the South East Coast which means in the long run that I will not be blogging for a little while...But I will be back.  Before I hang up my scrappy apron for a little while I want to share with you the last three pages that I have completed...

So I was playing with Pink Paislee resist paper & heidi swapp as usual...Here is what I came up with.  Not sure that I am overly happy with this but it is done - I still think I can play some more - I love this photo!!!

The next two layouts are from a lovely lady from here where you can buy kits with videos and instuctions and create her layouts,  I just added a little pink to both to customize them to suite my needs.  What you seen below are all her ideas but the pink flowers and details are pretty much me just adding a little extra.  The first layout needs a heading and journalling but since we are moving it is boxed so when we get a house I will be able to finish if I can find the time!

This layout is basically finished except for journalling.

I will leave you with my news that we are moving home and will get back on here all being well after I create some more layouts on the otherside of Australia.  Happy Scrapping and treasure every moment you have and the ones you love!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Challenge weekend.

Just a short post today..."Phew" I hear you say... I wasn't going to scrapbook this weekend but my stress levels suggested that I had better do something... I had printed off the this sketch and instructions from White with One which was yellow this month...
My completed layout using darker yellows and lots of Heidi Swapp mist, Banners & Background yellow paper.  
This last layout that I completed from the weekend was for Scrap Girls Retreat - there is a challenge set every weekend on their Face Book page and this time I decided to join in - so glad I did cause this was the end result.  Had to use my favourite plate (I used a dinner plate) as a template and create from there.  I manipulated the Heidi Swapp scallop banner to go around the circle plus the Primrose Pink mist in the background on the blue paper.  Love how this actually turned out didn't think it would end up this good!
I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy your loved ones spending time with them for be healthy & happy!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What and Easter weekend...

It all started as a Five day long weekend here thanks to the schools of WA where our children had the Friday off all the way too and including Tuesday - so going back to school Wednesday has really stuffed up my week to put it mildly, I kept thinking... that yesterday was Monday and I feel like today is Tuesday and it happens to be Thursday...Talk about fack to bront (back to front) and upside down.

Anyway I really wanted to get some layouts done and completed since my world is about to go upside down very soon and life will turn into a whirlwind which I will share with you in my next post hopefully!    I have six layouts to share with you so hold onto your britches, grab a cuppa if needed and have a snoop - let me know what you think...that would be great.

All the layouts that I completed this weekend I used Heidi Swapp Color shine - I think I have a uncontrollable addicition...hahahaha... Hi I am PrincessPammie and I have an unbreakable, uncontrollable addiciton to Heidi Swapp stuff & No I don't want to quit!!!!!!  Lots of her paper used too - I can't help myself it is just so fun and life needs to be just that - fun and not boring.

The weekend started with me just playing and coming up with this little beauty from a friends layout, which unfortunately I can't share with you as it was a paid for kit idea - but I turned it around to suite me.  Love this photo, oh stuff it I love all the photos I scrap otherwise I wouldn't scrap them would I???
This layout is of my dad & our littlest princess which he got to meet for the second time here - have I ever said "I hate living 5000 kilometers away from my family!"  Well I do it is so hard (I especially miss the outside open doors of a dairy farm, fresh air, motorbikes, etc) our family miss so much and so do we that is why I scrap so my children know they are loved.

 These next four layout's were created for scrapbooking from scratch an online store & forum in Australia where they were having an Easter Crop-a-thon.  I wasn't going to join in but so glad that I did.  Got to rip out the good old PHAFF sewing machine that was given to me - one last shot if you don't work the dump is the place that you are going...well guess what it worked...threats - well that threat worked for now.  Sewing sewing sewing oh and Heidi Swapp...

 Can't believe this page from when my little sister visited us and we went to the beach with the girls, worked as well as it did - okay so they all need journaling yet and dating but that will happen this week.  Had to use set sketches for the next three layouts.

 My photography skills - what a way to capture crawling!  Love these Heidi Swapp files that can be customised...Can you tell I cut this one in half and sewed it on?

 The whole page is Heidi Swapp every single little piece that has been used on the page is Heidi Swapp - Okay YES I am Heidi's BIGGEST FAN and thankfully Heidi knows this.

This page I followed a layout from one of her DT team members - now would you believe that I can't find the original to show with slack of this Princess!!!  One big compliment to the lovely lady who did the original though - for me to scrap lift means I LOVED your page to bits - I just used less peices then the original as I usually am more of a simple scrapper.  I couldn't go past this layout and I have never really scraplifted before and love the effect that this had.

So yes that was one big post on Heidi Swapp and my last six layouts... If you would like to see all the DT members in action check out Heidi's Blog -   Heidi & her team have so many fresh ideas that have changed the scrapworld, I wake up everyday with a fresh ideas just from her 101 ideas & blog posts!

Until my next post which will have all the turbulent news that is relevant to this household and how our lives are about to turn upside down for awhile, hopefully for the best for all!  I wish you a wonderful start to April - no matter what the weather.  Remember to spend time with those you love "No Regrets!"