Lovely to see you here...

Lovely to see you here...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quite on the Western Front...

Well I haven't blogged for a little while as I have taken a small break from scrapbooking...School holidays were full on here with our eldest daughter completing swimming lessons everyday and passing the stage as well...So proud of her she was one of only a few children who did pass this stage. Now that school has returned for the last quarter I may just start to scrap again - mind you I never stop thinking about scrapbooking - lol there are always ideas flowing through my brain somewhere.

Whilst having my break from scrapping itself I have been scouring youtube for handmade flowers and I can't believe what I am finding that doesn't require having a pile of tools - I am so loving that... Plus I have been shopping for different items today I bought some fiskars punches 1" round and 1.25" scallop round - never had a punch before so may as well give it a go now.

Anyhow thought I would let you know I haven't fallen of the face of the earth - it just happens to be quite on the Western Front and the brain is taking a break from all the storms that wreak havock up there.

So until the creation flows again see you soon.

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