Lovely to see you here...

Lovely to see you here...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Did she say "No Flowers"?

Week 5 is apon us at for the 4.7.11 challenges...The Northern Lights
The Challenge was;
      no.1. Your layout must have green on it.  Okay I can live with that...
      no.2. No Flowers of any kind - Once apon a Time this would have had me screaming "NO!"and tearing my hair out, but with time comes growth so this challenge I accepted.
     no.3.  There must be at least one insect or animal on your layout...this got me thinking!!!

I really was feeling creative - So in conclusion I came up with this layout...I adore my husband! This is he as a toddler he was so darn CUTE!!!
So have a wonderful day no matter what you are doing!

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