Lovely to see you here...

Lovely to see you here...

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Photos are a big deal...!

Wow it's been too long since my last post, I apologise.  I have just figured out I can use hubby's iPad (shhh).  Once this house is finished we are definitely moving to where there is better internet reception and closer to a high school which we will chose for our eldest daughter next year. Yes you read that right high school - I am almost beside myself with that notion, Year 7 is now high school.  Well after hours on the iPad & iPhone I just figured out I cannot upload from hubby's iPad so I am back on my iMac to share with you all that I have been up to… 

What I wanted to share today is the importance of taking those photos, not for just the big events but also for everyday, to remind ourselves of the wonderful life that we have.  I have just spent 3hrs on my photos downloading to USB drives ready to print from this year, now this is not to say I haven't backed up which I try to do regularly.  This year has been full of big events but also small ones too & without photos I wouldn't remember half of it or the emotions attached to these times.

The end of February I was on camera duty for a Show skate night for our club to "Show the Love for Steve".  This night saw me as club photographer take 1200 photos in three hours of the antics that everyone got up to that night, to celebrate the life of a wonderful man who's life touched the skating community around the globe.  Also this night was our youngest daughters first night skating in front of a crowd which she did very well at.  The memories in these photos will fill a 12x12 album on it's own.

We blasted into May with a wedding!!!  My little step sister married her lovely man & I have a new step brother.  Even though it was windy & a slightly cool morning it was the perfect day.  I was the photographer for the day & roped my hubby in to help as well...oh my and was I worried I wouldn't be able to take the right photos of the wedding.   I didn't have to worry I was working with a beautiful bride, a relaxed bridal party & great family = biased much.   I love many of the shots that we got - so full of fun & emotion.  
Our daughters were apart of this special occasion - the cheeky little flower girl made my dad, step-mum, my big bro, hubby & I laugh many a time during the day.  It was her first wedding party & I couldn't believe how well she behaved!!!  

This photo of the happily married couple would have to be one of my favourites - their first quite moment together after the ceremony.

 The end of May our eldest daughter competed in her second competition for the year, in Artistic Rollerskating which is her challenge that she thrives on… My albums are always celebrating these special moments that I once again catch on camera.  Without these photos I would not remember that this was the day she received two bronze medals for two events which saw her grinning from ear to ear!  Plus look at that height off the floor.

 Now without photos how would I remember the day, the emotions, the fun.  Then along comes the journalling so that I can convey these words, these feelings about these days too those who look through the albums, including our girls who love looking through these photos and they can enjoy the day all over again.
And this is why I scrapbook…
This page was made for my sisters wedding, a family photo dad took of us.  This page sits with many other pages including some project life which I like to incorporate hence the no journalling on this layout.

This is the reason that we love the beach… works well for mixed media.

My daughters antics waiting for her sister to finish skating resulted in this layout & I really love it.  I used a lot of embossing powder to create the background.

 I finally figured out the layout to create, for these skating photos from last year.  Mists were a great way to add interest to this layout, that keeping it simple so that the eye is drawn to the photos. 

This layout is all about the journalling that goes with the photos.  It speaks volumes when you can read the story.  You become engaged with what is happening & understand why the photos are there.

 I am still figuring out what I want to write about these photos…I was just a little girl with my big bro & I only remember snippets of these days from the actual photos.  My parents have told me alot from this time at the Gold Coast where we always holidayed.  The yellow fun in the sun paper, is the main paper that I used backing onto the blue for added definition.

Kaiser craft paper was used for this layout… Another holiday on the coast with my family when I was a little girl.  I can remember more about this day just from the photo & will be journalling as such.

 This page is one of my favourites…
Wow look at my mum after having two kids - lucky lady she is a stunner!!  Journalling has been added in two ways, around the circle & the yellow strips.  I remember nothing from this holiday at Kirra - Gold Coast I was too young.

 The last page I wish to share with you is of my daughter last year.  Her dress up day at Kindy and she decided that she wanted to be Elsa… Okay dress bought that was easy…photos taken & Queen Elsa pose certainly down pat.  Now came the challenging part, scrapping these photos.  As usual I draw on certain colours in my photos & work from there - trying to create a layout that suits this actual theme - Snow Queen.  
I just love how this page turned out, when I started I had no-idea what it was going to look like, I just went for it.

Well if you stayed with me all through that long post, Thank you very much indeed.  It has been a year full of ups, but also full of a few downs where two precious members of our family passed away.  In my grief I work through layouts to help.  At this stage I cannot as yet scrapbook these members that I loved so dearly, but in time I will be able to do so which will include all the emotional journalling that will be present on the page.  
Until then I will keep scrapping the happy times until I can scrap those I have lost.
Hence why I say photos are important and so is spending time with those we love, because you don't know if tomorrow will be yours.  
Tomorrow the sun will rise again.  
A new day will begin, but right now is the here and now.

So enjoy those precious moments, even if they are full of chaos, family are the ones we love the most.

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